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Monday, July 18, 2011

John Lewis Christmas in July

Vintage and Tech is where it is going to be this Christmas according to John Lewis. At their Christmas and July event a week ago I had the opportunity to preview some of the new items that are going to be available in the stores at Christmastime. Let me say, you will not be disappointed. There were gadgets and gidgets a plenty...

Look at this cool cordless phone by ePure!!

Some of my favorite items to look at though were the toys of course. This is what I am mostly going to be buying at Christmas and it was nice to see what was going to be new to the market. My kids are really into technology and Lego and I was not disappointed by what I saw at the event. There were a lot of toys by Vtech that are going to be offered at John Lewis this season. One of the toys I was the most excited about was the InnoPad by VTech. It looks kinda like my iPad, which my kids are always fighting over, and since it is by VTech I know it is educational. I have always had a good experience with VTech toys because of their durability and I would be much less nervous with my kids playing with their own tablet computer than playing with mine.

This is definitely going on the Santa list!

Another two items that are going directly onto the Santa list are the Lego Sort and Store and the Lego USB Drive. Both of these items are incredible! When you tip your Legos into the Sort and Store it sorts them into small, medium and large bricks. How incredibly cool is that? It will definitely make large Lego projects a lot easier. USB Drive is for the kid (and geek) in all of us adults. It is shaped like a Lego man and his little legs come off to reveal a USB plug that will go right into the side of your computer so that you can store and share files. Genius!

I may have squealed a bit when I saw these.

Now I just can't wait until September when these items will be hitting the John Lewis shelves so that I can snap them up before the Christmas rush. If you can't find them at your own local John Lewis, don't forget to check their online store where all the items will be available.