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Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear So and So...It's Gonna Be A Good Day Tater

Dear Lawnmower,

You are new and lovely and still in your box. Please don't be a pain the the backside to assemble. I really would like to get my grass in the garden cut at some point today. I don't want to be sitting on the pavement in the garden swearing at the top of my lungs at a gigantic hunk of metal. I would like to leisurely assemble you while bird chirp and bunnies hop around a modern day Snow White.

Lets Make it Happen, Kat

Dear Sam Kitty (aka. Ninja Cat),

What is up with this loud moaning meow that you have started doing lately. You sound like you are in heat...but your a dude cat who's missing his equipment. It doesn't make sense!! Please stop.

Love, The Lady that Feeds You

Dear Elizabeast,

I am so glad that you are feeling better. I didn't think your back/legs were ever going to heal up properly. I was serious looking into a wheelie harness thing for you if you didn't improve or got worse. Now you are well though and that is super great. Well, except for one thing. Can you please quit jumping on my sofas? Thanks in advance.

Love, That Lady Who Feeds You

Dear Friends Who Have Done Me Ginormous Favors In the Last Two Weeks,

Debbie, thanks for letting me borrow you lawnmower and watching my dog while I was down in London for the weekend. Seriously, you are worth your weight in gold and I owe you so big.

Kristie, My kids had a blast at your house and are still talking about it. Thank you so so so much. If you EVER need a baby sitter holler at me (Like when you have the movers at your house and you don't want kids under foot).

Sam (not the Kitty) You are awesome and you make a mean cup of tea when I need to have an emotional breakdown (like when people steal my things). Your hubby is also awesome since he cooked me dinner that night. I really cannot thank you guys enough.

I really do have wonderful friends. *sigh*

Love, Kat

Dear Ghost In My House,

Not. Cool. At. All. You just scared the bejebus out of me when you open and closed the cabinet. Stop that mess!! I know you're here. Just take a chill pill.

A Bit Freaked,Kat

Dear Readers,

I know you love me and want to link up today!!! Remember, your Dear So and So letters don't have to be mean they can be nice and lovely too. Sometimes it is nice to thank people. Have a lovely weekend.

Love, Kat