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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Difference Between Brits and Americans

Since I have lived her for three years now, I have noticed that the British and Americans react to situations very differently from each other. Of course these are all generalizations and yes, I am taking the mick out of both my country of residence and my country of birth.

Situation #1- A Hurricane Coming

USA- Freak out. Have 24/7 news coverage of the hurricane. Newscasters must have a backdrop of a closed beach flag behind them waving and an the headline of "DEADLY STORM APPROACHES". Must gather every single weather expert on the east coast to weigh in on the storm.

Brits- Ignore it. Only a couple of mentions of the inconvenient weather in the news. One story in the Daily Mail, which means the whole thing is blown out of proportion anyway. Moan about the wind and rain when it comes ashore.

Situation #2- Person of Fame/Politician Gets Caught Cheating by the Tabloids

USA- Make a big deal of it. Lambast him/her in the news. Call them dirty names. Forget about it in 3 days.

UK- Make a big deal of it. Lambast him/her in the news. Call them dirty names. Hound the person for the next year, have paparazzi follow them constantly, call them more dirty names, launch an inquiry, interview all their mates and ex-lovers, get sued.

Situation #3- A Person Jumps Ahead of You In A Line/Queue

USA- Either ignore it or if you are brave say "Excuse me there were people ahead of you"

UK- Make audible tutting noises. Roll eyes. Assume that they are foreign or dumb. If you are brave say "Pardon, there is a queue"

Situation #4- There Is A Sport You Don't Understand on TV

USA (usually watching cricket)- Flip the channel. If you do watch it try as quickly as possible to learn the rules so you can enjoy the game. If you can't figure out the rules of cricket, say it isn't a real mans sport. Call it boring.

UK (usually watching American Football)- Try for 5 minutes to understand the rules. Give up. Try to compare to rugby. Start taking the mick out of the football players and their protective gear. Real men don't need padding! OR call it a vile violent sport.

Situation #5- Racy Things on TV

USA- No matter what time of day call in a complaint to the FCC have the network fined. Sit upon your moral high horse.

UK- If before the watershed (9pm) call Ofcom make a complaint. Sit upon your moral high horse. OR ignore it and moan about why people are making such a big deal of it. If after the watershed, ignore it. Call those who complain about it repressed.

Situation #6- Enjoying A Bar of Chocolate

USA- Hershey's is the BEST! Nom nom nom.

UK- Hershey's is completely disgusting. Please find me some decent chocolate; Dairy Milk or Galaxy at least. (I am firmly in this camp now).

Can you think of any more?