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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Highlights From Monday

Highlights from yesterday. The man had his hernia surgery.

5:15 AM- LaLa peed in *MY* bed. Thankfully, I was asleep in KiKi's bed. However, I still had to get up, clean the mess up and start a load of laundry. By this point I was awake and couldn't go back to sleep.

6:00 AM- The time I was supposed to be up.

6:00AM-7:00AM- Coax kids out of bed, get them dressed, make sure they are fed, pack lunches, and water bottles filled. ALSO. Make sure everything is ready for husbands surgery, do a load of dishes (by hand because I don't have a dishwasher) and switch that load of laundry from 5:15 AM to the dryer.

7:30 Drop husband off at the hospital for hernia surgery. Get pager to let me know when it is finished. (That was a handy idea).

8:20ish or so- Bus picks up kids. Go inside and grab the telephone just in case and take a nap.

10 AM- Alarm goes off as simultaneously the phone rings. "Hi, this is the school. KiKi has been sick" Hang up phone and swear. Go pick up KiKi from school.

11 AM- KiKi swears she feels better requests lunch. Against better judgement fix her lunch.

12 Noon- Head to hospital even though the pager hasn't gone off. As I approach the hospital KiKi says she is going to be sick. Find the nearest bathroom and let her be sick. REALLY sick. Poor kid. Find waiting room and return pager.

12:15- Get called back to see hubby. Try to talk to hubby as his eyes roll back into his head. Oh to be on drugs right now.....

2PM leave hospital w/ hubby.

3PM- Dose hubby with pain pills.

5PM- Cook dinner. Make hubby separate dinner. Make a thousand trips into bedroom to help hubby.

9PM- After 50 million trips back to bedroom and just as many cries of "Kaaaaaat" from the bedroom give The Man a bicycle bell to summon me.

Yesterday was awesome. Yes, I am being completely sarcastic. KiKi can't go back to school until Thursday. The Man is coping. He's in pain, but he'll live.