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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Earring That Wasn't

KiKi got her ears pierced yesterday. She didn't flinch. She didn't cry. She was an angel. I was completely impressed.

LaLa on the other hand is walking around with one earring today.

My friend came over last night. She is a qualified beautician who also does ear piercing. She has pierced all my friends children's ears. I knew, just knew, that she could work her magic on my two and put to rest all the begging for having pierced ears.

KiKi went first. Acted like getting her ears pierced was as mundane as getting her hair washed. LaLa sat in the chair, got her ears sanitized, had her ears marked and then backed out. No big deal. On the way up to the corner store to get my friend the money I owed her for the earrings, LaLa decided that she did want them pierced after all. I of course asked, "Are you sure?" The response being "Yep."

So, I told my friend and she said "Do you think we could just do it in the car?" Mind you the ear was already sanitized and it has literally been five minutes since we had left my house. I figured well, it's no less sanitary than my kitchen, hell why not. So I agreed. I went into the shop to use the cash point and by the time I got back one earring was in place. As my friend went to do the second earring LaLa did what LaLa does best and completely lost her stuff. Lost it everywhere. It went from a quick job to looking like we were doing some sort of back alley surgery right out front of the Londis. People were starting to stare.

So, I looked at my friend and said, do you think we can carry this on at your Mum's house around the corner. So we got into our respective cars and met up at her parents house. After 30 minutes of cajoling, bribery (we were up to 2 chocolates, ice cream, new earrings and $5 to spend on base), we still couldn't get her to calm down enough to get the second earring placed. So, she's walking around today with one earring and feeling quite sheepish because she admitted that it didn't really hurt but the noise of the earring gun had scared her.

Next attempt for the second earring is scheduled for tomorrow. Oy Vey.