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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Moment I Realized I Wear Granny Panties- Sorry Mom

A couple days ago I got dressed in the dark. It was in the morning and after a shower, my room however was dark because I have blackout curtains and my husband was still sleeping so I didn't want to wake him up. Leaving the room I was completely presentable; jeans, nice top...socks that match. I thought to myself, pretty good for literally getting dressed in the dark.

I went about my business for the day- a few errands, lots of shows of tv that I had recorded, ya know the usual things.

Then I went to the loo. I looked down and gasped. I wasn't wearing my own underpants. In fact, I didn't know who's underpants I was wearing.

Definitely female.


Now...who could have had an opportunity to leave their pants at my house....

HOLY CRAP! I was wearing my Mom's underpants.

And this was the moment I realized that my underwear is in fact equatable to granny panties, because until the moment I saw them, I had no idea they weren't my pants.

I guess it is a good thing my husband isn't looking at my pants as much as he tries to get in them.