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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Post Holidays Hangover

So, I am sitting here this morning trying to write a post about how excited I am about my kids going back to school, but I couldn't. It was utter crap. I mean, it was really really truly and honestly one of the most boring and mundane things I think I have ever written. It was so bad that I highlighted the whole thing and hit delete. Honestly, I won't torture you like that. Mostly it was crap because as much as I like having my kids in school and I hate the mess that they create when they are home, I was actually a little reluctant to make them go back to school today.

I will wait while you pick your jaws up off the ground.

I know! Me, the person who insists that their children NEED to be in school for their own good and well-being as well as my own, felt a bit sad sending her children back to school. This holiday season was just so...perfect. My parents and brother were in town, my husband was in town, my kids didn't fight any more than well a few times a day-ish, and the weather up until a couple of days ago was completely gorgeous. I was truly sad to see this holiday season end. My kids going back to school was just the nail in the holiday coffin.

So, today, I will pack up the last of the Christmas cheer and slide it all back up into the loft. I will with gusto embrace the New Year. I will do all of this, right after I get rid of this Post Holiday Emotional Hangover...

My brother, Andy, post present unwrapping on Christmas Day.

(cause I feel a bit like this!)