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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear So and So...Still No Heat

Dear Jim The Boiler Man,

I know you had to order a part, but I am freezing. If we don't have this sorted out by tomorrow I am coming to your house to hang out. Please inform your wife of the following dietary restrictions.... No really, sort it out.

I Can't Feel The Tip Of My Nose, Kat

Dear Weight Watchers,

I'm sorry but cake makes me feel better when I am cold. Plus, I need the blubber to retain heat.

Looking Forward To A Gain, Kat

Dear Little Tiny Village that I Live Next To,

We're getting a sushi restaurant! Now don't go getting too big for your britches, remember we only have a Londis, tanning salon, kebab shop, seamstress, hair dresser, used car lot and dog groomers in town. We're not the big time yet.

Bubble Burster, Kat

Dear Hubby,

Thank you for reenforcing the reasons I love you. When you came in the house today and declared that it was too cold inside to even eat and then declared that tomorrow we WILL eat at the pub my heart went pitter patter a bit.

Who Says Marriages Lose Their Spark, Kat

Dear Children of Mine,

You guys have been amazingly cool about the fact that we have no heat in the house (other than space heaters in the bedrooms). I can't believe I haven't heard a million complaints, but you have been troopers. Thank you for not being divas.

Love, Mom

Dear Readers,

I hope you have a great weekend. Don't run with scissors, don't drink and drive, don't pull your sisters hair, quit staring at your brother, sticks are not guns, don't make that face it will stick and I swear if you don't use your inside voice I am coming back there and everyone will regret it.

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Love ya mean it, Kat