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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Failed Brownie Mum

In 8th grade when I was 13 I took a home economics class because it was considered an "easy A".  I got the A, but I think it was mostly due to my ability to follow a recipe and not muck up the end result too much, not my ability to wield a needle in thread.  I remember that we made a t-shirt using a sewing machine and that mine was at best a bit wonky with uneven seams that wanted to split.  To this day I can only in theory sew on a button.  In fact, I had to consult both my mother and granny when they were in town to make sure that I had the premise correct on how to accomplish this so called simple sewing task.  I still haven't put in into practice, mostly because I am a lazy moo, but also because I have a fear of absolute failure.  I can just see myself yelling "Drat!  Foiled by a button!" I really should try to mend my winter coat though, because I look a bit like a hobo walking around with every other button missing.

This brings me to my current failure as a mum.  LaLa is in Brownies.  She has memorized the Girl Guiding Oath and the Brownie Promise.  She is so proud of herself.  She has also earned her first badge in crafting (oh the irony), and expects me to sew it onto her sash.  The enthusiasm when she announced my task was so genuine that if I didn't know how serious she was I would think she was taking the mickey out of me

So now I have a persistent kid, a sash, previously unsewn badges, and a new badge.  Wonderful.  So my goal this weekend is to look up Youtube videos and teach myself what an entire semester of home economics could not- how to sew.  Watch out Martha Stewart and Kirstie Allsopp I will be kicking crafting asses and taking names.