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Monday, May 14, 2012

CybHer- Ask A Blogger Geek Session (Or Why I am A Nickie O'Hara Fangirl)

I very rarely want to get onto a table top and shout someone's praises, but this year at CybHer I might have become a Nickie O'Hara fangirl.  You see, at most blogging events that I have been to everyone bangs on about Wordpress this and Wordpress that, well you know what?  I don't have Wordpress.  I am on Blogger.  I like Blogger.  I know how to use it, I've never properly broke it, and it works for me.  So, when Nickie did a session on the technical side of Blogger and all the new nifty features, I was all ears.

You see, when it comes to the technical side of blogging, I'm a big ol mess.  I can write a post and add a few pictures, but when it comes to the coding and all that technical stuff, well not so much.  The thing I like about Blogger though is, I don't need to be.  I can be as into figuring out the technical bits, or not, as I see fit.  There however, are some really great new features that have been added to Blogger with the new interface and I would have completely ignored them if I hadn't gone to Nickie's session at CybHer.  No, seriously, I would have just stuck my head in the sand and completely ignored all of them.

One of my favorite tricks that I learned was how to imbed a message into a photograph, so that when you hover your cursor over the photo you get a little text box with a message.  I had seen this before on other blogs, but I just figured that it was entirely too hard for me to learn.  I did learn how to do it though!  In fact, on Sunday morning when I was barely awake I managed to post a picture and embed some text into the photo using the Title Text feature.  You would have in fact called this amazing if you saw me on Sunday morning.

I also learned more about the posts and comments section of Blogger.  I have waffled back and forth for a while now about if I want to change the way that posts are displayed on my blog.  Mostly I have been waffling because I didn't know if I had the technical know how to make the changes I wanted on my blog on my own, or if I was going to need to beg my lovely techie friends to help me.  Now, I have the confidence and the basic knowledge I need to make the changes I want.  So if you see some changes at the Bungalow, don't worry, they're probably on purpose!

So, do you want to know the best part?  If you are a Blogger blogger like me, you can find out all the same information I learned and more on Nickie's new Blog/Pet Project "Ask A Blogger Geek".  You want to know the even better part?  She is going to be adding new parts and you can ask her your own questions!

So, now you know why I am a Nickie O'Hara fangirl.