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Monday, May 14, 2012

CybHer Weekend By The Numbers

1 weekend.
1 tenth wedding anniversary.
1 CybHer blogging conference.
1 incident with a SatNav with no sense of direction.
1 feisty train buddy
1 foodie train buddy
1 amazing roommate
1 stomach doing flip flops
1 amazingly brave conference organizer
300 bloggers
20 amazing sessions  (Seriously, I haven't even heard one complaint!)
2 trains
1 Mother's Day

times that by....

countless laughs...nay cackling
too much booze
a huge hangover
a swearing cabbie
an invisible cash point
and more stories made than can possibly be posted (and some that shouldn't be...)


An absolutely amazing weekend that I will never forget.  I have walked away feeling that this community that we, bloggers, have formed can inspire, support, and cultivate creativity and friendship.  Thank you, Sian for organizing CybHer.  Thank you to my blogging friends- old and new- for being some of the most amazing people I have ever met.  I will carry all the little moments in my heart forever.