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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts- Throwback Edition

Way back when there used to be this girl name Keely who started a blog meme called Random Tuesday Thoughts, and then she passed the torch to Stacy, who now keeps the random alive.  Since my thoughts are all disjointed right now and I can make a single blog post out of one of them, I decided to hop on the RTT train.  Join me in the randomness.


So, The Man, put a little wooden cross up in the back garden for Sam Kitty (even though I had him cremated).  I don't know if I should keep it up or take it down.  It makes me sad every time I see it.  On the other hand I don't want to step on my husband's toes so to speak.  

This was an actual conversation the other night when the girls were supposed to be going to bed...

Hubby going in to see to the situation- "What were you thinking, KiKi?"
KiKi- "I was trying to hug her but she wouldn't wake up!!"

Imagine being married to a girl who bit you every time you didn't give her attention.  Yeah, think on that one a bit.

We went to Great Yarmouth this Sunday.  It was very nice on the seaside.  Parking was easy to find.  Not too many weirdos out.  Kids had a good time.  Didn't break the bank at the arcades and attractions.  All together a win win.

Monday, being Memorial Day back in the States, The Man didn't have to work.  So we spent the day reading, sleeping and did a bit of shopping.  Not a bad end to the holiday (for us) weekend.  Oh, and yes, I sent the kids to school. 

I think I am in love with Starbucks Raspberry Blackcurrent Frap.  IN LOVE, I TELL YOU.  I WOULD MARRY IT.

My leg is asleep up to my cheek so to speak, so I am gonna go get started on my day.  Happy Random Tuesday.