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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Metallica! Metallica! Metallica!!

Excuse me because my ears are still ringing from the AWESOMENESS! I can barely speak because I think I lost my voice around the 4th song. I do have to say that was probably the best concert I have ever been to. Which is really hard to imagine considering I have seen a bunch of different bands in concert. Metallica however was just a total experience. They truly know how to work a crowd. James had the whole arena in the palm of his hand (Jen he even did a little growl just for you..I swear it was just for you!).

The set list was as follows:
That Was Just Your Life
The End of the Line
Harvester Of Sorrow
Ride The Lightning
Broken, Beat & Scarred
Sad But True
Until It Sleeps
Wherever I May Roam
Kirk Solo #1
The Day That Never Comes
Master Of Puppets
Fight Fire With Fire
Kirk Solo #2
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Last Caress
Seek and Destroy

The last 3 songs were for the encore. I think the two best numbers they did in terms of production and energy level were probably One and Enter Sandman. I have never seen that many fists in the air pumping in unison. It really was something to see. So if Metallica comes to your neck of the woods anytime soon. Go! Seriously eat Top Ramen (I recommend the chicken flavor) for a month if you have to to afford the tickets. It is worth it.


steenky bee said...

I love the Sad but True. I SAID, I LOVE SAD BUT TRUE!! (I yelled it the second time because I'm guessing you weren't able to hear me the first time.

Kat said...

I just confirmed that the man can't hear very well either yet.

Captain Dumbass said...

So what you're saying is, you liked the concert?

Kristin said...

Glad you guys had fun! Phillies won too so all in all everyone was happy! :o) Miss you guys!

Lola said...

It ain't a concert if your ears aren't ringing. Glad you guys had fun!

Cape Cod Gal said...

For about 3 seconds my jealousness was making me hate you, but now my love for you has returned.

Glad you had fun!!!! We're gonna see them as soon as they come around here!!

OhCaptain said...

Glad they are still rockin!

Last metal concert I went to, not only did my throat hurt and my ears were ringing, but the neck and head pain were intense. Hand bangin!!!

[making secret devil sign and pounding my fist]

Glad you had an awesome time!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I wouldn't worry unless my ears were still ringing 5 days later...


zipbagofbones said...

OMG I am SO SO SO jealous of you. Gray just saw Metallica in Des Moines last night and I was stuck at home (the trip was planned before I miscarried, and I didn't want to go to a meal show in my delicate condition...oh, the ironic irony). Anyhow, he said it was an awesome show as well and left Nothing Else Matters on my voicemail for me to hear this morning. You lucky ducky!

Badass Geek said...

Jealous, but glad you had a good time!

Jenni said...

In high school, there was this kid named Jeremy. He was in 9th grade, a grade below me and my BFF, but he had a car because he was like 20. ANYWAYS he had this bitchin (read: primered) Camaro that we the Metallica Mobile because that is what he listened to. Exclusively.

Wow, that was quite a comment.

The End.