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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Parents are Here...(oh and my little brother too)

My parents and my little brother have come from South Carolina to spend some time with me and the rest of the family before we head off to England. They will be here through the 3rd of November and will get to take the girls trick or treating for Halloween. I think I am going to get my mom and LaLa to carve the pumpkins this afternoon while the movers are packing our advance shipment of household goods.

Speaking of the move...apparently the airline (who will remain nameless) is trying to tack on an unnecessary charge when it comes to shipping my animals according to the kennel that I am using for quarantine. Note to self, never fly with this company again.

Funny convo with LaLa:
LaLa-When is MiMi going to be here?
Me- In like 45 min. Then I have to go pick them up at the gate.
LaLa- The gate?
Me- Yeah you know where you say "HI!" to the guard everyday. I have to go up there to get them because they don't have a military ID.
LaLa- I know.

That kid confuses me sometimes.


for a different kind of girl said...

my kids confuse me constantly. hope you have a fantastic visit with your family.

Captain Dumbass said...

Parents and a sibling? I'm anticipating some good blog material.

Badass Geek said...

I'm with Captain Dumbass. If something funny doesn't come out of their visit, I'll be surprised!

Unknown said...

That's our kids job; keep us wondering. The mental exercise helps stave off the Alzheimers.

Anonymous said...

She must be learning the military ropes early! It's great that ya'll will have so much time together before ya'll leave. Thank goodness for the internet, right!

steenky bee said...

She's hip on the ID badges, but not where the planes land? I believe your little one gave you the "duh" treatment just now.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

My niece used to say "I know" to everything. Finally I asked, "How do *you* know?" "You just told me!"


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it... in a few years she'll be saying, "I dunno" to EVERYTHING! "Where's your homework?"... "I dunno.". "Do you know where your shoes are?"... "I dunno.". "Is your head still attached to your body?"... "I dunno.".

Anonymous said...

LaLa just wanted you to go into unecessary detail ;)

Enjoy the family, girl!

Lola said...

My son would just say, "What?"
Have a great time with your family. Halloween should be fun!

Dawn said...

It's such a pain to ship animals sometimes. It's already stressful for them and you, then the airline wants to charge megga cash and treat them like baggage. I've been there.
Happy Halloween!