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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Odds and Ends

Lastnight I was sitting on the couch minding my own business surfing the boob tube when KiKi came running up to me with a pamphlet. Obviously junk mail. She hands it to me insisting I read it.
KiKi: Look!
Me: *looking at the T-Mobile pamphlet* KiKi I think you are a little to young for a cell phone. Maybe when you are like 15.
KiKi: *insists I open it further* Look! *points a swanky new Motorola phone*
Me: Do you want that?
KiKi: *shakes head yes*
Me: Well how much do these suckers cost? What plan do you want? Do you need the $39.00 plan, the $49.00 plan or the $69.00 plan?
KiKi: *points at the $69.00 plan*
Me: Go discuss it with your father.


Lastnight we didn't get much sleep around here. KiKi is coming down with a cold. This is normal around this time a year and I don't usually think too much about it because in general my kids are troopers when it comes to being sick. Lastnight however she decided to make my night a living hell. Coughing? Check. Fever? Check. Tossing and turning refusing to sleep in her own bed? Check. So we spent two hours getting back to sleep. This included a try with her in my bed with me and The Man. No go. Her back in her bed by herself. No go. Her in bed with The Man, me in bed with LaLa. No go. Finally I moved LaLa to my bed to sleep with The Man and I brought KiKi into LaLa's bed with me. Normally musical beds wouldn't be a big deal, but I was supposed to get up at 6am to take The Man to work because I had to take LaLa to school this morning. Instead, I didn't get up. The Man went to work, then came home at 8am so that I could drop him back off at work and then go take LaLa to school. Not exactly the plan but it worked. Now lets hope a co-worker can bring him home.

Last Friday I was given the Hooked on Your Blog Award by Jen over at Steenky Bee. I am so honored. I can't believe anyone wants to actually read what I write. Thank you Jen.

Now I need to bestow this award on a couple of my other favorite blogs. In no particular order the winners are:

Lola at Sassy MaMa Says... I love this chick and her liberal little heart! I swear sometimes we live in a parallel universe. Only I don't have a little boy, a job, or two dogs...but she does share my wicked sense of humor and love of accesories.

Sarah at Brit Gal' in The USA. Her blog is a treasure trove of funny bits and pieces about working at an Elementary school in Tornado Alley.

Oh Captain at The Life and Thoughts of a Midwest Geek. Baseball fan, teckie, Simpsons fan, father. Good read. And sorry the Twins lost dude.

Honeywine. A Southern girl who I love to read because of her brutal honesty. Life isn't always all roses and lollypops and she gets down the the nitty gritty when writing about it.

Mongoliangirl at The Cusp. Sometimes I laugh so hard I almost pee my pants when I read her blog. I am also reminded when I read her blog about the failures of the Republican Party and also what I dislike about the Democrats. A mishmash of both in one. Overall good reading and thought provoking.

So there are my awards. Congrats to all. Pass on the love.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad to know I'm keeping your panties wet! Oh...wait...that didn't sound right Kat. Sorry. Know what I mean though?
I hope so 'cause you KNOW I'm all about some "laugh 'til you pee"!
Thanks for the 'hooked' award. What a nice surprise! You're a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

lol...all kids want cell phones nowadays. Do they even make pagers anymore?? Geeeez

Congrats on the award, Kat!

Lola said...

You're so damn sweet, you crazy yahoo! Thanks so much for the "kind" words and the awesome award.

You know how I feel about these babies and the linking that it involves, so I'm going to try to put it in my "Trophy Case" if you don't mind. Who knows, maybe I'll play along. Either way, thanks, and I'm hooked on you, too!

Glad to hear that my friend Mongolian is helping you to question those nasty, old bastards, even if it's just a little. Baby steps, baby steps!

steenky bee said...

You totally rock, girl. Sorry about the musical beds last night. I can't believe you're up and coherent today! But it's amazing what you get used to with the kiddies isn't it?

Great choices on your awards, BTW. I love Honeywine. I'm off to read the others!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I love awards! :D

I was looking at a new phone today. I use tracfone because most months I use just a handful of minutes and it's not worth even a $40 contract to use it for half an hour. Would be nice to have a snazzy phone though!

steenky bee said...

Whoa! I'm liking the new masthead!!

OhCaptain said...

Wow. I'm shocked! Thank you!

And BTW - It's not bad that your 4 year knows the lyrics to a Bon Jovi song. My 5 year old can identify every Guitar Hero 3 song on the radio :-)