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Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear So and So...Let's Learn To Drive Shall We?

Dear Motorcycle Rider,

I know that you are allowed to pass here willy nilly, but you are NOT allowed to break the speed limit. Going past me at 70 mph in a 50 is not proving any point other than you are stupid and should not be riding a motorcycle or in fact be operating any motor vehicle other than maybe a riding lawn mower. Slow down. There is no reason to be driving that fast, coming out of people's blind spots and causing them to scream while driving. In fact, you're lucky you didn't get hit numerous times as you were passing two and three cars at a time with head on traffic coming.

That driver who had a heart attack, Kat

Dear Dude Driving and Using Mobile Phone,

Fail. You sir, fail. Not only is it illegal, but you suck at doing it. You almost hit me when I was on the roundabout cause you weren't paying attention and cut me off, jackass! I had two kids in the car you stupid waste of air. If you want to be suicidal do it elsewhere, not on the roads.

Grrrrr, Kat

Dear Drivers in General,

Turn signals on roundabouts aren't a suggestion, they are a must. Seriously, use them.

Frustrated and Sick and Tired of Near Misses, Kat

Dear Readers,

Hope you have a great weekend. Link up if you have a letter :)

Love Ya, Kat