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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Parenting Fail, Again.

There is a show here in the UK called "Four Weddings". The premise of the show is that there are four brides that attend each other's weddings and score them. The one with the highest score wins a fantasy honeymoon (usually to Jamaica or somewhere else tropical). Apparently, I have not been paying close enough attention to the commercials.

Me and KiKi were sitting on the couch at 9pm (past the watershed for profanity and nudity) watching this show. Well, we were sort of watching TV. I was really half paying attention talking on twitter and she was half trying to go to sleep cause she had a late nap and was still pretty much wide awake. The first two weddings took place, insert snippy comments from the attending brides, low scores, blah blah blah, onto the next wedding. The third wedding, THAT got my attention. A naturist wedding. In other words, completely nude. I noticed this as I saw an overweight man coming walking on screen with his willy flopping about on my TV screen. Shock. Gasp.

Me- Oh My.
KiKi- They're naked.
Me- Yep. They are. *pretends it is no big deal* *in head OMG OMG OMG she just saw some guys PENIS!!!!*

Now, you know if I turn the channel she is going to know something is "wrong". So I did what any parent not trying to call attention to the situation would do. I ignored it and pretended that everyone walks down the aisle naked. Yep, parenting fail.