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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Realities of Living Abroad in the Military

When Uncle Sam asked us to live abroad in the UK, we knew it came with a time limit. Four years. We are allowed to enjoy England for four years, and then we will be shipped off to another location. When we got the assignment, we were so excited. Now, it is bittersweet. We have moved here, made friends, have our children in school here and have settled in.

The way the primary school in this area works, all the kids in the same class move up together. This means, she will always have the same classmates. The bonds will be closely formed. The thought of uprooting her in a couple of years makes me sick to my stomach. She already has made close friends. Actually, close isn't even the word for her and her best friend, they are more like sisters. Splitting them up, the thought of it, brings tears to my eyes.

I have already talked to the mother of La's best friend. We are trying to think of a way to get ahead of this speeding train. We are trying to head the pain off at the pass and prepare the girls for the eventuality of LaLa returning to the states. Two and a half years sounds like a long time, but in this case, it is not long enough.