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Monday, April 19, 2010

Personification of The Volcano

The Man will be home soon. Well, maybe, if the ash cloud of doom doesn't delay him. No planes are flying at the moment; not even military planes. Now, he isn't actually due here for a couple of weeks, but The Volcano shows no signs of stopping. The Volcano is like a petulant child who is acting up just to act up now. "See me throw a tantrum and cause chaos. Now I am gonna wallow on the floor and make a scene," says The Volcano. "Hahaha, yeah you know your screwed," the Volcano laughs in the face of all of Europe. The Volcano, is also threatening to kick off his elder bigger brother. "You know if I keep this up, my brother is going to start wailing as well," he sneers at us. Well played, Volcano.

Now let me say this, Volcano. Are you listening, Volcano? If my husband doesn't get back to the UK within the timeframe I was promised, I am coming to Iceland to kick your volcano butt. You hear me?