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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Ready For School Shouldn't Be This Hard

LaLa has always been a very particular child. She is sweet, affectionate, and very giving. She has so many qualities to love. I do love MOST of her qualities. The one thing that drives me mad is how extremely particular she is about her clothing. Her sleeves must not touch her hands. Her shoes must be the right tightness. Her hair must be combed a certain way. She prefers a cardigan to a jumper. She will not wear trousers. These are just the problems I encounter when I am getting her ready for school in the mornings.

Today for instance, I have given in to her wearing her summer gingham pinafore, a cardigan, white tights and her school shoes. I warned her that she is going to be cold in the dress, but she doesn't care. I had to roll the sleeves of the cardigan up so they didn't touch her hands and have been informed that I need to buy her new school shoes because the toes of her brand new ones are scuffed and that they are not tight enough. I can't wait until she is sixteen.