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Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear So and So....Back In England

Dear Body Clock,

I feel like we have already had this conversation a few weeks ago, but here goes again. I am in England not the USA. It would be really nice if you would let me go to bed before 3am so that I didn't sleep til 11am. Today I had to force myself out of bed at 9am, thankfully the sun is shining so it made it a bit easier to be awake. So, please, please, please get with the program. Otherwise, in a few weeks when school starts and I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn I will not be a happy bunny.

Can We Work Something Out?, Kat

Dear Children of Mine,

I know it is the summer holidays but bedtime is still 8pm. I know I am mean and horrible, but do you remember how hard it was the first day of school last year? I do. Momma isn't playing that little game again this year. Live and learn.

Love, Mom

Dear Weight Watchers,

I was NOT good on holiday. I'm just sayin and all. Don't get all "holy moly, you gained how much?" on me. It was tasty and I do not regret a single bite. Ok, maybe I regret a few of them.

Love The Slightly Pudgier, Kat

Dear Subway,

How can you be out of meatballs? Isn't that like one of you main sandwiches? Do you know my husband ended up eating ham and cheese sandwiches for both lunch and dinner because of this little oversight? He was not impressed. Neither was I.

Regretting My Love of Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Kat

Dear Readers,

I hope you didn't miss Dear So and So too much. It has been a crazy few weeks and it slipped my brain a few times. I hope you have some lovely letters for me to read. Don't forget to link up if you have letters.

Love, Kat