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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear So and So...Is It The End of Summer Holidays Yet?

Dear LaLa,

I hope you learned your lesson. I mean really, it was a rookie mistake. You should have gone and destroyed the things you were going to tear apart before you said "If you make me angry you know I am going to destroy things, right?". Threats don't work in this house missy. Threats work even less when your dad is sitting right next to me. I hope you enjoyed your afternoon sat in your bedroom contemplating the wrongness of your actions.

That'll Learn Ya, Mom

Dear KiKi,

I love you, you know that right? Don't think I haven't noticed that you might be the laziest child in the world though. Clean your room isn't code for "pretend you are really tired, start sucking your fingers and laying about", It means clean your room. I will even give you step by step instructions, but I will not clean it for you. I am saying this for your own good. If you comply it will make your life easier, promise.

Love, Mom

Dear Summer Holidays,

You have been a mixed bag so far. Sun was delivered in spades. Unexpected events, done. Illness/injury, covered. Good times, had by all. Rain in the UK, as expected. Can we just get the kids back in school without anything REALLY bad happening please?

With a Cherry on Top, Kat

Dear Hurricane Irene,

Thanks for sparing Charleston. Please don't take it out on Cape Hateras too badly. Actually, I feel really odd that I said that it would hit North Carolina in general so if you could turn out to sea that would cleanse my guilt.

KThxBai, Kat

Dear Hubby,

I know you want to blog and if you start blogging I will promote it. I promise.

Love, Kat

Dear Spiders That Live At The Back Door of My House,

Not cool. Not cool at all. You know my feelings on spiders. Could you please quit hanging out outside my door and be gone? Take pity on me, please!!!

Yeah Thank, Kat

Dear Readers,

If you are sick of the summer holidays give me a whoop whoop! *cough* Now, that I got that out, if you have letters, don't forget to link up. Have a safe bank holiday weekend.

Love, Kat