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Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear So and So....Miss Representation

Dear Anyone Who Has A Mother, Daughter, or Sister,

This is so important to watch. We should not accept the limited way women are portrayed in the media.

Take the pledge. Find a screening. Let's see if we can have our children and young adults see women on the TV, in magazines and in fims portrayed as more than just sexual object. I want that for my girls. I want them to grow up and see that their worth is not based upon their appearance. I want them to see more women in political office. I want them to see more women in positions of power. I want them to know that they are empowered.

Thank you.

Love, Kat- A Woman on a Mission.

PS- If you live in the USA the entire Miss Representation film will be shown on the OWN network on Oct 20th at 9pm eastern.