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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Learning Experience

One of the things that I am glad my children have is a love of learning. LaLa especially has a thirst for knowledge that can not be tamed. She is forever saying "Mum can we Google..." just so she can find out more about something that she is curious about. Of course she usually asks when I am on the phone or up to my elbows in dish water, but that is neither here nor there. Seven year olds have a knack for timing.

LaLa is always singing songs by Percy Parker to help her learn her multiplication tables,

or telling me about a poem by Michael Rosen,

or asking to play Mathletics.

I like to add my own experiences to what the girls learn on top of what they have been shown at school. I think it is important to share with them the things I learned at a child in America. I show the girls videos of my favorite childhood poets,

or showing them Schoolhouse Rock videos.

I think encouraging our children to learn is one of the most important thing we can do. I think learning should be fun. I like sharing the fun things that I remember from my childhood with my children. I like hearing about what my children children have learned at school and then exploring the subject further with them. What are your favorite ways to encourage your child's learning experience?