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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Half Term Week Brings Out My Slummy Mummy Tendencies

Half term break always seems to get the best of me. See, I am naturally a night owl. I will gladly stay up until well past midnight watching incredibly pointless programs on the TV. During the school term I tend to try to go to bed a semi decent hour so I am not a tired ranting harpy in the morning. Mind you even on a full nights sleep I am still a semi tired mildly complaining under caffeinated bossy witch. My kids don't even like to talk to me until I have had a cup of coffee or a diet coke. They know the drill.

So over the half term breaks I tend to stay up entirely too late. Last night I wandered to bed around 2am after watching all my recorded episodes of MasterChef Australia. This of course means that my kids are definitely going to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed precisely at 8 in the morning. Not ideal. At all. Guess what? They did. At exactly 8 AM, KiKi popped her head up (she somehow wondered into my room around five this morning.. I think) and declared "It's morning!!" She was so chipper you would have thought that she had been looking forward to this morning for months. I would have been a complete smiling mess due to the cuteness if I hadn't only had six of my required eight hours of sleep. I don't know how you people who only sleep five or six hours a night cope. I really don't.

So of course, I rolled myself out of bed, put on my slippers and robe, assessed the tiredness situation, decided against actually cooking breakfast and made her a bowl of cereal. I then decided that parenting experts have things entirely wrong, turned on the TV to cartoons (Tom and Jerry) and plopped her and her sister down in front of it. I then made some life saving nectar of the gods (otherwise known as coffee) and headed back into my bedroom, with laptop in hand, to snuggle under the duvet and watch the morning news. Yes, I was a slummy mummy incarnated. And it was good.

I am sure I will go to bed on time tonight. Hopefully. Maybe.