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Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear So and So...Ready For The Weekend

Dear Mondays,

You are cruel. You always seem to either lull me into a false sense of security and the slam me with something unexpected or hit me like a ton of bricks before I even have a toe out of my nice comfy bed. I actually saw a scientific (by newspaper standards) study in the Telegraph that said that Mondays suck. They didn't really need a study to find that out did they?

Be kinder, Kat

Dear Tuesdays,

You are the day that fills me with the most guilt. Mostly because I have WeightWatcher on Tuesday and I know that I am either going to skip the meeting, over indulge on good food, or both. Really, what good is going to weigh in and losing weight and then NOT celebrating if you lost a couple pounds, right? (There is sound logic in my way of thinking) (really, there is) So, if you could do me a favor and only come round every other week that would be great.

Love, Kat

Dear Wednesdays,

You're pointless.

There I Said It, Kat

PS- You were completely ruined when people on Myspace used to post semi-pornographic pictures that declared "Happy Hump Day". No, it isn't a happy day. It is a pointless day. Thank you very much.

Dear Thursdays,

You're alright I guess. No major complaints. You aren't nearly as fun as you were when I was in University and it was "ladies night" at most of the bars in my hometown, but hey, we all have seen our better days. Maybe you just need a better PR team.

Not Blown Away,

Dear Fridays,

OK, I love you. Except for the fact that I still have to get out of bed in the morning to get the kids off to school, you're pretty much perfect. Kids in school, check. Dear So and So, check. Get to sleep in the next day, check. See, pretty much perfect. Keep up the good work Fridays!

Love, Kat

Dear Weekends,

You are too short and therefore I can not give you top marks. I do love you though.

Love, Kat

Dear Readers,

If you have your own letters, please link up. I love reading them. Have a great weekend.

Love, Kat