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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day Off- Sorta

My best friend is in town visiting her parents. She lives in England now at the same base that we are going to be stationed at. So she and I are going to get together today and go get my girls some hair cuts. Then we are going to this cute little Amish furniture store down the road and pick out new mattresses and maybe a new bed for LaLa (depending on price, ya know). It should be a fun day to be had by all :)

Tomorrow "The Man" is having a colonoscopy. He is only 29, but his mother died of colon cancer when he was 12, so they want to start screening him early to prevent this horrible disease from ever rearing its ugly head again. I am sure he is going to be a big baby about the whole procedure, but he is a man and something is going to be shoved up his butt, so it is completely understandable. I of course have taken a couple of pot shots at him the past couple of days. Today however I was being completely serious when I said "I hope you can walk afterwards, cause I can't carry you", then he said "Well I don't think they are shoving anything EXTREMELY enormous up there, I am sure I will be able to walk". I started laughing my ass off cause I wasn't even thinking about that. "No honey, they are going to sedate you. There is no way I can lift your 230 lb, 6'6" body to the car if you are still doped up". Gotta love that man.


Lola said...

Been there, done that nasty business, because my mother had colon cancer, too. The day before is WAY, WAY worse than the procedure.

Hope you had a fun day with your friend!

Captain Dumbass said...

Colonoscopy, so many places to go with that one, but as your husband is 50lbs heavier, 4 inches taller with, I assume, immediate access to weapons I'll just say good luck! Hope it's over soon.

Heather said...

yeah my sister had this done, and she definitely said the massive amounts of laxative she had to drink was miserable. The actual procedure was mild in comparison. And he probably won't be doped up. They use a sedative called "twilight" and basically you snap right out of it. Then he will have mad gas to expel. So get that part on tape so you can torment him for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Been there with my mom. It was really rough on her. I can't imagine how much a guy would whine! It will not be pleasant and will probably go on for days.