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Monday, August 11, 2008

So So Tired

Oh man what a weekend. I am so fatigued. Friday luau, Friday night Karaoke, Saturday recovery, Saturday Night Olympics, Sunday school work ALLLLL day long. I didn't finish my school work until 12:30 am last night, 20 min before the deadline for assignments to be turned in. It was also about an hour past my bedtime. I am old, us old people go to bed early. Or so I have been told.

So how was everyone else's weekend? I hope everybody had lots of fun. I know I did...right up until I started the school work. And for the record, having 3 essays due on one day is brutal. Especially if you didn't start your history essay which needs to be roughly 6 pages double spaced *cough* until the day it was due. OOPS! In all fairness, I know I was the slacker. It is my last semester. I deserve some slackerdom.

At Least Elizabeast and Sam got some naps in this weekend.


Lola said...

Sadly, I am a slacker, too, when it comes to my work. I have to get 220 pages of transcript out by tomorrow, and do you think I've started yet?

I stay up into the wee hours all the time, and I'll be doing it again tonight I'm afraid.

Glad you got your work done!

Captain Dumbass said...

I so don't miss that. Although, I always found I was most creative with less time to work with.

Kat said...

I think I did alright on all the essays, grades will be posted in a couple days.

Funny thing is I can knock out a blog in 20 min (more or less) give me a paper to write and I get stumped for about an hour until I get on a roll.