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Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Done Already

I graduate from college at the end of Aug. In my head though, I am already done. My mind is fried. My nerves are shot. Senioritis is abound. Now here is the really shitty part. I am in a GDMF-ing group project. I have seriously never met a bigger group of adult toddlers. Case in point. This morning after my Internet being out for a day I woke up to a nasty exchange between two of my group members on the groups discussion board. The professor had to be brought in to mediate. I called him and informed him of the situation. I felt like I had to tattle tail on two perfectly grown adults. This is my LAST CLASS. I soooo don't need this crap. All is temporarily resolved, but I am sure it will not be pretty in the future either. 4 more weeks is my mantra right now.

In other "I'm Done Already" news... all of a sudden I have had this urge to have another baby. After Kiki I proclaimed "I'm am soooo done with this baby thing". Now, I'm not so sure. She is now 2, potty training, and generally doesn't need me (or want me sometimes). My ovaries are starting to ache and they want a new baby bad. The Man would freak if he knew that I was even considering another child. Maybe I will break him in slowly. Get to England, breach the subject, get off birth control (with his permission of course), then maybe baby. We'll see. I really would like him to have a little boy. Of course we could end up with another girl. Then he might be building a shed in the back yard.

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Jon said...

Congrats on finishing school. Feels good.