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Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday Fun-aka. What happens when the Internet goes down.

So halfway through Friday my internet service went out. Actually the entire base here lost their internet connection (well except for vital base buildings I am sure). It was quite a pain in the rear end because this was my last week of actual classes for school. It was down until Sunday morning, which left me with plenty of time to do some fun things Saturday.

My best friend is back from England visiting her mom who lives about 45 min away from base. The Internet outage left me plenty of time to go down to her mom's house for her 9 year old daughters birthday party. It was sure to be a good time in the middle of nowhere. No really. The "town" has a population of 63. Yes. 63. So you can imagine what the area around the town looks like. Farms, woods, country roads, and thats about it. There is actually a little Amish community that we have to pass through to get to her mom's house that is quite beautiful. You do have to watch out and be careful not to hit any Amish who drive their horse and carts down the roads.

So Saturday morning I packed up LaLa, KiKi and "The Man" and went to McDonald's for breakfast (cause I wasn't in the mood to cook). Then I realized I forgot my damn military ID at home. Which means I can't get back on base. So after breakfast we drive back to base, my husband leaves me at the visitor center to gab with the cops who work in there, and he goes and gets my ID. I swear he got lost on the way back to the house cause it took him like 20 min. Our base isn't THAT big. I was joking with the cops "I bet he got to the house, started poking around, and is taking his sweet time to punish me." Anyways crisis averted. Then we leave for our journey out to nowhere.

Once we got there, we spent the next 12 hours running after kids, cooking burgers, hotdogs and ribs, meeting the best friends extended family, watching the kids in the pool, watching the kids fish in the pond in the backyard (her step father is a professional fisherman), listening to embarrassing stories about my best friend (most of them I had actually heard from her), playing with the 3 new kittens, kids chasing the other cats, KiKi telling the yellow lab "No, buddy!", singing happy birthday, eating cupcakes, and drinking enough coke to float myself home. It was a great time. The kids had a blast. "The Man" became fast friends with my best friends brother and they spent the day doing what they do best, gabbing like two 12 year old little girls.

We left that evening around 10pm for a long drive, in the dark, in the middle of the country, with no cell phone service. I almost hit a possum and I swear I heard banjos playing* in the distance. The kids slept the whole way home which was nice. ID in hand I got back on base, drove home, got the kids in bed, and then crashed into my own bed**.

*This coming from the girl who grew up 5 hours away from the river they filmed "Deliverance" on.

** After checking to see if the Internet was working yet.


Captain Dumbass said...

Sounds like a good day.

Anonymous said...

I've been there. I got to where I was compulsive about carrying my military ID. I still carry it everywhere even though we don't live on base anymore.

Momo Fali said...

Banjos are okay. It's when you start hearing pig squealing that you need to worry.