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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

House Hunting

This morning I have spent my time looking at different rentals available near the Air Force Base that we are moving to in England. I have fallen in love with one of the homes available and I am hoping that it is still available when we get there is November. Isn't it cute? The thing I am most excited about is that it is completely detached, which means no sharing walls. For the last 4 years my walls have always been attached to someone else's. I have heard more fights, vacuums, children screaming, and loud televisions than I care to list. I am sure I am not a treat to live next to either though, so I guess we're even.

Here is another reason I looooove this house:
Big backyard that is fully fenced. I can let my dog out and not worry about her wandering, not that she does, just in case. Wouldn't a little bench be perfect out there? Sorry I am trying not to make plans with this backyard but I can't help it! Oh and look at the kitchen!
The bad part you ask? I don't have a picture of the bedrooms! I bet they are tiny. It would be my luck.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! It looks SO ENGLISH! lol I hope you've been watching BBC America a lot to prepare.

Lola said...

Oh, I LOVE it! What a great yard for the kids and the dog. I hope it's still available. I'll keep my fingers crossed.