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Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear So and So...Baby It's Cold Outside

Dear POW Sam Kitty,

Upon your latest escape I did the following calculations. 1) It takes about 20 seconds for snow to seep through jeans when you are kneeling on it. 2) It takes about 2 minutes for your knees to go completely numb from said snow. 3) I am capable of producing about 15 swear words in those two minutes. 4) After about five minutes the numb turns to a burning sensation. 5) After about 10 minutes in the snow I am ready to wash my hands of you and let you get hit by the cars on the main road. 6) It takes roughly 15 minutes to wrangle a cat who is under the huge back deck in the snow. 7) I lost count of curse words, but it was a lot.

A-hole!, Kat

Dear Mr. Air Force Dentist Dude and Assistant,

I nearly peed myself (with gauze and metal bits in my mouth) when you guys suggested that a paintballing session might be better than couples therapy. "You remember the time you..." *pelt partner with paintballs*

Still Laughing, Kat

Dear KiKi,

I might just pop with joy over your love of puzzles. Maybe one day we can work really big puzzles together like I used to do with Granny. It will be awesome. Now, if I could just get you to quit peeing your pants...

Love, Mom

Dear LaLa's Little Friend Who Called On The Phone Last Night,

I am not sure if I am ready for this chatting on the phone with a friend thing yet. I thought surely I had another year or two until this madness started. And that impression LaLa did of me? Soooo not accurate.

Give Momma a Break, Kat

Dear Elizabeast,

You are nearly as good a snuggler as The Man, but you'll do. Plus you're cute, and furry, so that helps.

Love, Your Human Mom

Dear Readers,

If you have a Dear So and So... to add please link up. Keep warm, you horrible lot!

*smooches*, Kat