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Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow; No Heat

Since you know nothing can go smooth at the Bungalow, it won't surprise you that when the UK has the worst cold snap since the 1960s, I lost heat. I know, preposterous, you say! Preposterous is exactly what I was thinking too since I ordered gas for heating on Dec 31 and was expecting delivery in 5-7 days. On Friday, after not receiving my gas, I rang the gas company again. My tank was now on E, basically running on fumes. I stressed to them that I was at home with two little children and I REALLY needed my gas delivery. I was told it would be "prioritized". Saturday morning I woke up, no heat. I called the gas company again. Once again "we'll prioritize it". Mmmm yes, that magical prioritizing.

By 10am, I was freeeezing. The kids were freeeezing. I messaged my friend Sam, who lives down the road, told her our situation, then spoke to her on the phone. She offered to let us come spend the day at her house. She is a saint. That night we returned to a house that's temperature was hovering probably around 50 degrees on the inside. I put the kids in my bed under a comforter, duvet and blanket. I crawled in there that evening after I couldn't stand being cold despite my Snuggie. Under the layers of duvets it wasn't so cold, but in the morning my throat was sore from the cold.

Sunday morning I rang the gas company once again. This time, they weren't in the office. Lovely. I had nobody to yell at. Awesome. I called Sam again. We spent the day at her house again. Her husband John cooked us an awesome pork roast for dinner complete with potatoes, cauliflower, peas, Yorkshire was lovely. I wandered back to my ice box house around 8pm. The kids had taken a bath at Sam's, so at least they were clean for school this morning when I woke up.

I called the gas company, once again, this morning. Apparently my gas was delivered yesterday while I was at Sam's. BUT my pilot light is out, so no heat. Epitome of awesome. Right now, I am waiting, in my freezing house for the gas engineer (technician) to show up to help me get my gas situation sorted. I know if I leave the house they will magically show up (UK engineers and package delivery people are gifted at this). I would attempt it myself, but at this point and with my luck, I would probably blow the house up.

** Side note** Yesterday I was sitting at Sam's house talking about all the things I could be doing. Well, you all know my cat's name is Sam as well. Listing off chores I could be doing if I had heat in the house I said "I need to clean out Sam's box (talking about my cat's litterbox)" *Paused* "Not your box" (to friend Sam). Both of us at this point fell into fits of laughter to the point we were both crying. Beware if you cat has the same name as your female friend...

**UPDATE** Engineer came and fixed the boiler/pilot light. I now theoretically have heat. Just waiting for it to get warmed up in here. Large house, might take a bit.