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Friday, January 1, 2010

Dear So and So...New Years Edition

Dear 2009,

We've had our ups. We've had or downs. Mostly you've been, eh. Kinda glad you are over.

Meh, Kat

Dear 2010,

Bring it on!

I Dare You, Kat

Dear BBC2,

Did you really have Boy George on TV? I guess he is done serving that sentence for having that male escort tied up in his flat then?

*snort*, Kat

Dear City of London,

Lovely fireworks display!

Thank You, Kat


Dear Stupid Drunk New Years Eve Drivers,

Thanks for staying off the roads until I got home from my New Years Eve get together. I had a lovely time with all my friends and I would have been really ticked off if you had ruined it for me. BTW, if you are drinking and driving SHAME ON YOU!!!!

*swift kick in the ass*, Kat

Dear Readers,

I love you guys to pieces. Please have a safe and happy New Year! If you wrote any letters, please link up with Mr. Linky.

Love, Kat