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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Saturday night I was drained. Mentally I was drained. The kids had been a nightmare all day; KiKi continuously wetting her pants and LaLa testing her boundaries with attitude, hand on hips and stomping of the foot. I just really wanted a minute to talk to my husband and was really looking forward to 8pm, when he said he would try to be online.

At 8pm I checked Skype and saw him online. With a big exhale I messaged him. Then he lost his connection (or so I assumed). I lost it. We have been having spotty connection issues since he got DownRange. He has been relying on the free Internet connections at the moral centers at the base. Moral centers might be an oxymoron because the Internet connections there are the most unreliable. So, I lost it. Tears. Messages to Jay telling her how sick I was of the dropped connections and my crappy day. Finally, after about 30 minutes I pulled it together and got the kids in bed.

When I returned to the computer an hour later, he was back online. I had waiting messages. I was a bit excited to say the least. We had a nice conversation without a single interruption. Come to find out, he was at a kiosk purchasing a reliable connection the first time he popped up; testing the connection. My moment of disappointment was him actually trying to make sure that our communication method was better.

Lordy, I really miss him.