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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear So and So...Happy Birthday to Meeeeee

Dear Lady at Book Club,

Just because you have on a multicolored striped shirt on doesn't mean you're a hippie. I just don't see you practicing "free love", smoking reefer, or dropping LSD any time soon.

Stay Away From The Brown Acid, Kat

Dear The Man,

Thanks for the most awesome birthday present ever.

Love, Kat

Dear Kids,

I'll let you slide since you didn't know it was my birthday (and you are 6 and 3 and time has little to no meaning in your world).

Love, Mom

Dear Boomerang,

I could sit here and watch Looney Tunes all day, but I have got a million things to do. I know you are putting all the Speedy cartoons just because you know I love that danged hyperactive mouse. Stop being so manipulative.

Enthralled, Kat

Dear Readers,

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes. You all helped make it a special day. Oh, and I didn't clean a single bit on my birthday. Of course my house is paying the price now.

If you have a letter please link up!

Love Ya to Pieces!!, Kat