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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RTT- Weekend and Other Awesome

I'm back!! Don't send out the search party. I have a lot of random up in my brain, so hold onto your hats, kiddos. You can thank Keely for this later by clicking that pretty purple button.


First of all let me say that NFAH is the best "Auntie" ever to my kids. I am not going to disclose the reason, but lets just say, she is completely awesome.

On Friday, Michelloui, NFAH and I had a meet up. I brought the girls as well. We had dinner at Pizza Express and a great conversation. Michelloui completely saved the day with LaLa. When you say cheese pizza LaLa expects the entire pizza to be covered with cheese, not dotted with specks of Mozzarella. Michelloui took the cheese off some pieces and put them all on a few pieces to make an acceptable cheese pizza for La. LaLa also did some experiments with refracting light with her knife that made us laugh. During the meet up we also discovered that we all collect novelty tourist refrigerator magnets from the places we have visited. I had such a good time with these ladies and we are definitely going to have to do it again soon!

Does anyone know how to explain the difference between a "c" sound and a "k" sound to a 6 year old? I'm at a loss. Also, why does every single word this child want to spell have a silent "e" at the end?

On Sat I spent the morning helping out a friend in need. Car trouble, husband where my husband is, fun stuff. Lucky for her it was just the battery!

Also, Saturday was Jay's Birthday. I called her and had one of the most epic phone conversations ever! We are planning a meet up soon. Stay tuned!

On Sunday I woke up with a Big Mac craving. Now, this NEVER happens. I don't LOVE McDonald's. I don't hate it either. I just usually don't crave Big Macs. It was also one of those cravings that wasn't going to go away. So, I loaded up the girls into the car and drove 30 min to the nearest McDonald's. You would have thought LaLa had won the lottery she was so excited. Of course she reminded me to make sure there was no ketchup (if you don't know the ketchup story click here)on her cheeseburger.

Yesterday was The Mans day off. We spent most of the day online talking. It was absolutely fabulous. I miss that shit head.