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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RTT- Pancake Day

It's Pancake Day. Also, RTT! Can things seriously get any better??? When you're done here click the button and tell Keely thanks for RTT.


What's Pancake Day you ask?? Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday in in Anglican tradition. Many Pancakes are consumed and pancake races are abound. But my kids are out of school this year for half term break, so no pancake races. Basically, the day before Lent. Oh and for Lent I am giving up sex. *snort* Oh wait, I already did that.

The bad thing about cooking curry at home is that your house still smells like curry the day afterwards. It was sooo good though. My kids of course had hotdogs. Not curried hotdogs, that's gross. They also ate the pilau rice, puppodums, and naan bread. I couldn't convince them to eat the samosas, but I was still impressed.

I have so much cleaning to do today. Also, I need to go shopping for a few things. It will be interesting to see what actually gets accomplished.

My kids as I mentioned are on half term break. Send booze. But, Kat, you say, "Even if I send booze now, it won't get there before the end of half term break." Ah, yes, you're correct. But in April my kids are out of school for NINETEEN DAYS for term break.

On Sunday I spent the day with NFAH and her sister (who is in visiting from China). Other than LaLa acting a fool at the pub it was a great time. Seriously wanted to take LaLa home before the food arrived though. My kids got NFAH and her sister each a box of chocolates for Valentines day. It was sweet (until I heard that her sister was allergic to dairy...and then in my head I was all HOLY SHIT MY KIDS ARE TRYING TO KILL HER!!)

These are the things that run through my head people....