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Monday, September 15, 2008


Monday morning already?? I am refusing to complain about this weekend. It rained all weekend and was generally gloomy, but I got a lot of things done. Laundry? Check. House clean? Check. Metallica tickets bought? Check!! I was extremely cheerful when the alarm clock went off at 7 am*. I got the kids dressed, waited for the hubby to get ready, got the kids fed, and started on our way to drop him off and get LaLa to preschool. So we get into the car and I go to adjust the rear view. It falls off. It flippin fell off guys! This is not how this day is supposed to start off. Now I have to make a trip to the auto supply store and then figure out how to reapply this thing**.

I did get some cute snapshots of KiKi this morning though. She isn't the most cooperative subject ever.

Mom do we really have to take pictures again?

I'll humor you, just one though.

Mom this concrete is kinda cold on my butt.

I am so done, Woman.

Let's go back inside.

* Those who know me know I am not a morning person. See post called 7:15.
** Because my husband is the most non-handy person on the planet.


Anonymous said...

Aaaawww...she so does not care that she's cute. lol I'm sure she'll get over that by the time she's a teen!

Captain Dumbass said...

Kiki is adorable! And I think I might be able to better your husband in most useless handiman. And if not, I'll try... well, not harder... whatever is opposite of not harder.

Lola said...

Wow. She is so adorable. My son hates it when I take his picture, too.

I'm the handiman around here, too!

Anonymous said...

I've got one word for you: epoxy.

steenky bee said...

Your Kiki is precious. She looks like a fine subject. As for handiness...duct tape will fix almost anything!

LiteralDan said...

Absolutely adorable pictures/daughter.

Hopefully you had some luck with mirror-- you just need to stick it back on with the appropriate kind of super-glue.

I agree that's a bad omen, along the lines of a broken mirror.