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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mismash of Rambling Crap

Edit: The man got his orders today so we can now start some actual planning. Start praying for us Plans to the man are sometimes a foreign concept. Is this just a male trait? His father is just like this. To get any kind of straight answer I always have to call his step-mom. Anyways rambling.

1. I am officially pissed off at the US government. 700 BILLION dollar bailout for the financial institutions? Are you kidding me? You can't pay your troops anything barely over minimum wage to defend the country, but you are willing to bail out corporations that made BAD lending decisions? Wait a dang minute! Where is the free market? You mean if I start a business and I make bad decisions that I can get a bail out too? No you would laugh at me and say sorry for ya. Which is what I would expect in a free market economy. Yeah sure a deep recession would hurt. However, so does tax dollars that we technically don't have in the budget covering idiot CEOs that didn't do their damn job.

2. Rental car companies. You guys can kiss my ass. $600 a month for a economy car for a month? I could buy a junker for $500 and sell the damn thing for scrap and come out ahead. I don't even know if I can get all my crap to the airport in a damn economy car. Lets see, 4 people, cat, dog, animal carriers, and suitcases, I don't know if that is gonna work.

3. People who cut orders for my husband. You guys need to get on the damn ball. We only have a month and a half until we leave. We can't get anything done until he gets orders in hand. Hurry up, we don't have til next year.

4. I have a mystery bruise on my arm. What the hell? It hurts. I have no idea what I did to get it either.

5. Stress. You are making my tummy hurt. I don't need an ulcer. Go Away. Thank goodness for having a blog as a soapbox. It does relax me some to get this off my chest.


Captain Dumbass said...

1. Agree. What a load of crap!
2. I don't know if you have this option, but here it's actually cheaper to hire out an airport limo. They're cheaper than a taxi and they can haul WAY more stuff.
3. Ya!
4. Stop picking fights with strangers to work out your stress.
5. Ignore number 4 if it makes your tummy hurt less and you can live with the bruise.

Lola said...

Oh, don't get me started on number one, girl. I'm still so ripping mad over this subject that I'm ranting to every person I run into.

$600? WTF. Capatain is right. You can rent one of those airport vans around here that will fit everything.

I'm always covered in bruises that I can't remember getting.

Stress blows! Breathe, Mama, breathe.

Anonymous said...

We didn't get our exit orders until the 2 weeks before M.'s termination date. I moved us in the middle of writing a 25 page paper and in a single day from base to our house out here!

steenky bee said...

Who's beating you up in your sleep? Sorry for all the stress. Moving comes with a lot of crap. You know, we are kindred spirits. James Hetfield (Metallica) is on my list of five freebies with celebrities.