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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Freak Outs and Yard Sales

Yesterday I got a little overwhelmed. Apparently the stress of an impending move, a yard sale, and hormones can make me a little batshit crazy. The plan my husband had for shipping the car to England was not making sense and was going to cost insanely too much money. $200 I can deal with, not $600. So anyways I had a panic attack*. I thought about finding a home for Sam, the cat. I called my husband at work, started crying on the phone.

Me: I am going to find a home for Sam.
Him: Are you sure you want to do that?
Me (bursting into tears): I guess I will If I have to!!
Him: Honey, we are not going to have to find a new home for Sam. We'll figure this out.

Man sometimes he knows just what to say to make me feel better. I was still freaking out though so I called my best friend (who you guys probably already know lives in England already). She further talked me back off the ledge. I guess I stayed on the phone with her for a little over an hour talking about this and that. She is as anxious as I am for my family to get over there. Her suggestion was for me and the kids to fly over there and live with her for a month and let my husband do this whole moving thing on his own. It was totally a joke of a suggestion and it made me feel a lot better. I guess it just made me laugh and get out of my funk because I know there is no way that I could leave The Man to deal with this all on his own.

When The Man finally got home we got down to work cleaning out the garage, mowing the lawn and getting ready for the yard sale that we are going to have on Friday and Saturday mornings. If you are in the area of BFE Missouri, please feel free to stop by. Please buy the swing set and crock pot. Oh and I will try to post on Friday (tomorrow), but if I don't, don't feel neglected**. I just don't know how much time I am going to have between the yard sale, LaLa's school and such.

* Chest tightening, can't breath, sitting in wing back chair praying KiKi doesn't need anything for the next 5 min because mommy is having a moment.

** Cause I know you guys live for every single one of my posts. Bwahahahaha. I crack myself up.


Lola said...

If I had to do what you are doing, my dear, I would have to be heavily medicated. You're doing just fine!

Good luck with the yard sale. I hope you make a bundle!

Anonymous said...

Man, I hate moving. Maybe you'll make so much cash at the garage sale you can afford to buy a new car when you get to England!

Captain Dumbass said...

Missouri? That's a long trip frpm British Columbia but if I leave now and drive straight...

Hold onto that swing set for me!

Oh, and (stop reading if you feel your chest tightening) why would you want to ship a car to England? I'm getting flashbacks of Oxford Blues.

Anonymous said...

Just try and think that yard sales are fun... your trash is someone else's treasure and all that jazz. You could totally make someone's day!

Heather said...

Oh man I SO want that crock pot! But Missouri is kind of a drive....probably cheaper to get one at Wally world.

steenky bee said...

Good luck with your yard sale. My heart is breaking for you with all the stress you are going through right now. You're husband sounds very supportive and wonderful though. I hope you make a fortune at your yard sale!