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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I really suck at waiting on things. Worse than a 2 year old really. I am currently waiting on all kinds of things and it is driving me nuts. I want them now! I sound like Veruca Salt. The first thing is my final grades. Not being able to see my grades is driving me nuts, just because I am a little bit of a control freak when it comes to school work. The tiny portion of my personality that is Type A definitely comes out when it comes to grades.

The next is waiting on my kick ass graduation present that my husband ordered for me. It will be here Friday at the latest. O.K so I needed a new camera. I just didn't know my husband knew that I wanted something a little more complex. Well I had sent strong hints, but sometimes he doesn't get those. The other day he called me over to his laptop and said "I wanted your approval before I order anything this pricey." What I saw was the most awesome graduation present ever. It is a Nikon D40. My first SLR camera. I am so excited. He knew that now that I am out of school I am going to need a good hobby to occupy my time. He is so thoughtful like that sometimes. Actually, I am glad he put some thought into this. If he hadn't I could have ended up with a new porn tape or some trashy lingerie. Cause that is how he rolls sometimes. Hit or miss.

The waiting game is also on for next weekend. We are going to take the girls to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. It is going to be a ton of fun. We took LaLa last year and she had so much fun. This weekend the theme centers around fairies. This is totally up the girl's alley. Oh and I am going to have my new camera to try out.* I am getting excited just sitting here thinking about it. I need to get on their web site and do a little more research on ticket prices and discounts. We like to do fun things with the girls, but we always look into how to do more for less.**

With all this waiting I am going to have to find somethings to occupy my time. I guess I could read some blogs. LaLa starts school tomorrow too. I could go play an online game a friend suggested. I really just don't know what to do now that I don't have school.

* Hopefully I don't screw up the pictures too bad

** Military habit


Lola said...

I'm very Veruca, too, so I get where your head is at. Waiting on grades sucks. Waiting for an incredible camera would be more than I could stand.

Something to do while waiting? Hmmm. May I suggest you go on-line and start reading about that sweet-ass camera you've got coming. I've got the Canon equivalent, and let me tell you that it is one complex camera. So much to learn, but the photos are to die for. Great present, hubby!

steenky bee said...

So jealous of your camera. But it is a fitting reward for graduation. The festival sounds like a blast. Now I've got Veruca Salt (the band, not the brat) in my head. Thanks. For realsies. I love that band.

Heather said...

We're going this weekend to our Ren Fest in Ohio. Then we'll be going again a month later. I usually try to get there at least twice. They actually have a seasons pass, but the drive is like an hour.