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Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to The Man

Today is "The Man's" birthday. I have been planning it for a couple of days and finally got everything pulled together this morning. Last night I pretended that I had completely forgotten that today was his birthday. Today I went to Wal-mart got the Bourne Trilogy as his present, got some kick bootay cards, and a cake (triple chocolate with chocolate gouache...mmmm *drools*). Now to assemble all in a pretty fashion before noon. Oh and I need to teach KiKi to say "Happy Birthday", which isn't going so well.

Me: KiKi say "Happy Birthday"
Her: NO!
Me: KiKi say "Happy Birthday"
Her (laughing): Nooooo

This whole surprising him thing wouldn't be so important if I hadn't forgot our anniversary this year. I am horrible about remembering dates. So this year I decided to go a little overboard for the birthday. Usually it is just a card and a "happy birthday" because we always get our presents early. Last year I got my kitchen table for my birthday, this year he got his new peddle for his guitar and an X-box360, so technically he isn't supposed to get a present.

We now interrupt this scheduled blog to tell you about how life came and took a gigantic shit on my plans....
The man called me around 10am and told me to hunt up our marriage license for an appointment we had here on base at 1pm. Guess what? I couldn't find our marriage license anywhere. After tearing our house apart for 2 hours we went to this appointment empty handed and I had to order a certified copy of my marriage license. $50. The Man's big birthday surprise, totally ruined. Our moods, completely ruined. Our day, shit on. We have spent the rest of the day re-doing our filing system and getting rid of unneeded paperwork. We have a huge pile that needs to be burned and or shredded. Isn't life grand?

PS-We made $170 at our yard sale. Then I promptly spent it on groceries.
PPS- One of the people in the Finance Office here on post has the last name Dickover. I think it is ironic.


Anonymous said...

Awww man, that does suck!

Well, I'm sure you'll make up for it :)

Wait, you forgot the anniversary??? Now I don't feel so bad

steenky bee said...

Dickover? When was he under? Ha! Ha! I'm not funny at all. Sorry.

Dude, or Dudette, this day was not all kids of alright. Maybe you guys could have a rain check night although it doesn't seem as magic does it?

But something good did come from your experience. You have inspired me to hunt down my marriage certificate. I have no clue if I'm living in sin or if I'm legally wedded this this guy sitting on the couch next to me. Must go investigate.

Kudos on the garage sale!

Heather said...

Did you ever find your certificate in all the reorganizing?
Happy Birthday to your honey anyway.

Lola said...

It seems that every time I plan for something to be really great that crap like the missing marriage license comes up. That's my life. I wouldn't have a clue where to find my marriage license. I don't even know if I got one!!

Happy belated birthday to the Man!

The Stiletto Mom said...

Girl! We have some serious kismet going on here! First of all, my husband is The Man in my blog. Secondly, he is also military...or he was before I married him. He was Air Force. What division is your husband? Mine was in Germany for four years...he was married to someone else then, I like to call her "the bitch" or sometimes "that whore you were married to before me" but whatever.
Good luck in's sooo beautiful and the people are so nice!
Thanks for coming by my blog!