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Friday, November 7, 2008

Just Kill Me Now...Please??

Trying to get these pets to England is going to make my head explode before I get over there. The kennel we are using does not use the same animal agents as the airline we are flying, therefore, this is quickly becoming a gigantic pain in my ass. So far today I have been on the phone to the kennel 3 times, the airline 1 time and the cargo terminal at Gatwick Airport in London once. Because it is a Friday evening there, not much is accomplished. The cargo worker at Gatwick is now calling the cargo workers at Heathrow in London to find out why they can't get their heads out their rear quarters and help us out.
I also just shelled out money to the cleaning lady who is finishing up the cleaning before our final housing inspection. She got to witness my lovely tirade when I was talking to the airline. I won't say the name of the air line but it is the complete opposite of SouthEast (if ya get my drift). The Man had declaired that if I ever insist on taking the animals to another foreign country, he will take me out. Y'all got my back right??

Thank you guys so much for the words of encouragement yesterday. I just have to keep telling myself that in a week I will be in England and all this crap will be behind me. It just feels like it is taking forever, especially since I am stuck in TLF (which is basically a glorified hotel room with a kitchen) with two kids who will not stay quiet and are refusing to eat their dang chicken nuggets.

One other thing. I kinda did an inpromptu interview with one of the movers yesterday.
Me-*watching them load the large wooden crates on the truck with all my worldly possessions* "So do you enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, cause you are really good at finding items to fit in there snuggly"
Him-"I used to really enjoy them, now they are too much like work. After 20+ years of doing this, I just kinda have a knack of what goes where."
Me- I bet you have seen some interesting stuff moving all these people all over the country!
Him- "Yeah you would be supprised at some of the ummm "toys" people don't hide. I like to go up to the lady of the house and say "ma'am we can't figure out how to get the batteries out of this.."
Me- You don't REALLY do that do you?
Him- "Nah we usually find the husband before the wife sees us! Ya know some people just let their freak flag fly a little too high!
Me- So do you wrap your presents a Christmas? I notice all you guys are really neat when wrapping all my items up.
Him- No way, that is the wifes job.
Another Mover Ciming In- I wrapped like 90% of the presents lastyear because my girlfriend decided to wait until the last min. I did a kid per night a couple nights before Chrismas Eve.


Unknown said...

We'll keep you safe and sound. Go get some hamsters while he's not looking.

Unknown said...

and so FIRST...

Badass Geek said...

I'm good at the packing of things too... I've moved to many times to not be.

Kat said...

Badass-but do you do the Christmas present wrapping?

heinous- hamsters are evil evil little creatures. They bite without warning with the little razor blades in the mouth and draw blood. Evil vile creatures

Sprite's Keeper said...

I pray for you to have a life size DVR and fast forward through the "commercials" so you can get to the good stuff in jolly ole England!

Momo Fali said...

I do not envy the task of moving the animals! I'm sure it's a nightmare! I'm sure you're looking forward to settling in, and I don't blame you one bit.

Cape Cod Gal said...

You so bad need a cocktail!!!

Captain Dumbass said...

I have to deal with Supreme Leader and FIL shopping every weekend. I can pack anything!

Anonymous said...

I got your back... I'm like a ninja.
Just keep doing what you're doing and repeat "This will be over in a week, this will be over in a week." over and over, like a mantra. If that doesn't help, just start drinking.

Anonymous said...

It's weird the things you find out about people. Just one little week, right? It will fly by.

The Stiletto Mom said...

It just occurred to me that you will be offline while you move...I'm having a breakdown!!!

You poor thing, temp living is a nightmare. And the kids won't eat their nuggets? ARGH! That would just be the final straw for me.

Stay strong, girlfriend!!!

Lola said...

Oh, I've got your back, my friend! No worries. The suckfest will be over soon, so hang in there.

It's worth the aggravation over the pets. Think of how happy you will be once you all get to be together.

Oh, and I love wrapping presents. I find it relaxing.

Heather said...

LOL Well you'll make it through. Sorry the animal situation is a pain in the butt.