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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear So and So...Anka Edition

I am 27 years old, living in Bucharest. I own and manage a coffee shop and a technical translations company and recently I have rediscovered the joy of doing things with my hands.
I enjoy photography, reading, I couldn't live without music, I am totally into my new bike, I collect owls, postcards and fridge magnets.

Anka blogs at Happy Hang Around


Dearest self,

Remember last year's goal: a day without technology a week? Tough one, huh? At least one day a month, and you weren't able to pull it off. You should've try better, I tell you.

Read below to see why.


Dear Japanese grammar,

There was a time when we knew each other quite well. I am sorry we lost touch. But now, since my laptop is out of the way, we can spend beautiful afternoons together. And we can bring some new friends, too. Like Spanish, German. Maybe Finnish?



Dear friends,

Do come by and visit. When I am not hiding behind a 10" computer screen, I am really a nice person. Witty and talkative. I can catch your jokes and even get involved in some kind of conversation.

Don't you just love the new me?


Full list of hobbies,

Be patient. Out of 7 afternoons a week, you'll all get your right turn. Dusting the old guitar and taking out all my cameras for the week. And always having the hook and yarn with me, as addictive as anything else...

Very anxious to make your acquaintance again.


Dearest laptop,

Isn't it odd to have me writing these lines just in front of you? Don't be mad... I am coming back every morning for a couple of hours. We do need to set our relationship straight, we should definitely see other people.

Take good care of you.


Dearest readers,

Please, don't go on laptop detox just today. Kat is having a short vacation and I am hosting Dear so and so for the week. I wouldn't want her to think I am spoiling her fun meme. Go ahead and join, by linking to your post in the linky gadget below.

Have a great weekend everybody. And do go for a walk, without the laptop...