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Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear So and So...Stomach Bugs Can Kiss It

Dear Stomach Bug,

While I am glad that you are a relatively short lived bug, you caused mass puking at my house. LaLa must have brought you home from that germ swilling event (child's birthday party) on Saturday. On Tuesday you actually reared your ugly head when LaLa started puking. I thought we were in the clear the next day when she seemed fine and KiKi hadn't showed signs of being ill. On Thursday however you decided to return with a vengeance knocking out KiKi and myself with one fail swoop of puking and other end activity. Thursday night I spent in the bathroom sitting on the step next to the shower stall cursing your name and willing myself NOT to puke. You are a nasty little bug and if you could do me a favor, please skip The Man because man flu is even worse than a man cold.

Good riddance,

Dear Readers,

Sorry I didn't have the Linky up earlier. See previous letter.