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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

We had two days here in my little corner of England that have been absolutely scorchingly hot. Outside the house it is lovely, but once you walk inside, the air becomes thick and stagnant. Air conditioning isn't widely available in the UK and really it is only hot enough to actually turn on an A/C a couple of times a year; not like the part of the US that I am from where you would melt without A/C. My children have been escaping the heat by spending as much time in the garden as possible playing with the garden hose. While I have been trying to get things done inside the house and fretting about my upcoming water bill.

On Sunday afternoon the girls clad in their swimsuits, had been digging in the garden and soaking each other with the hose. They were positively filthy, but my philosophy is a little dirt never hurt anybody. About 15 minutes before dinner I went outside to call them in for dinner. They were stark naked; filthy and naked. Once I took stock of the lack of clothing (which really didn't bother me because we live in the middle of nowhere and have no neighbors) I noticed that they were also filling a plastic bin (one that we use for excess recycling trash if need be) with water.

"What are you doing?"

(in unison)
KiKi- "Nothing"
LaLa- "Making a bath"

They really need to work on getting their stories straight.

"Why are you naked?"

KiKi- "Because..."
LaLa- "So we can take a bath!"

"Why don't we come inside for a bath?"

The girls- "......" (it never occurred to them)

The Man from inside the house (peering out of the window) "What are they doing?"

If only I could get inside their heads for five minutes and see their thought process....