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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fear- Fairy tale style

Some of you may have read my post "The Fear" way back when, I wrote that when my husband found out that he was going to be deployed. Right now, I would like to focus on a different fear of mine. I am going to tell you a story, a story about a girl who's prince did not save her.

Once upon a time, a lovely princess was taking a mid afternoon siesta. Ya know, getting some beauty sleep because she had just endured four months of her prince being out of the country getting shot at. So while the princess was sleeping she heard her two heathens errrmm I mean princesses squawking about an evil beast that was afoot. A large evil eight legged beast if you get my drift. The sleeping princess heard her prince respond to the younger princesses and blissfully drifted back to sleep thinking that the prince would of course bring down the wrath of the Almighty on said beast.

Later that afternoon the sleeping princess arose and commenced to her daily duties, cooking dinner, bathing the smaller princesses and cleaning the castle (hurm, maybe we should have called the princess a chamber maid..I kid. I kid. Sorta.) Upon her retirement to her bed chamber at a ridiculous hour of night, the Prince asked her "Did you see yonder beast above the bedchamber door? It's huge!" To which the princess replied "What the hell, you didn't kill that thing?" The prince looked at her sheepishly and then rolled over to go to sleep.

The princess of course could not endure an eight legged beast dwelling above her bedchamber door. So of course, the princess had to do what a freaking out princess has to do, confront the beast. The princess scurried out of the bedchamber with her hands covering her hair (in case of arial attack) and stood to face the beast. The beast was quite large, and also perched in a precarious position. The princesses took her magic lasso of doom (bath towel) and struck the beast. I didn't fall. A second attempt was made and the beast fell from it's perch. The princess searched the ground in order to deal the final death blow (stomping it's brains out) only to find that the beast had vanished into thin air. It was not attached to the lasso or on the ground. This of course annoyed the princess more than anything, because by this point, the prince was watching the battle and chimed in "Did ya get him?" To which the princess replied "No, he disappeared and will probably launch a counter attack in the middle of the night! Thanks for not taking care of this earlier hun." She then flounced off to bed fully aware that the beast could be anywhere, but hoped that it had only limped off to die.

This post was actually a meme passed onto me by the lovely Nickie, the topic being "FEAR". Go over and check out her blog, it is lovely. I have to pass this along so I will pass it to:

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