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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Evil Wal-Mart

No, I am not going to talk about the unfair wage practices and health care issues that Wally World has made famous. Frankly, eh, I don't really care about that. I hate Wal-Mart for other reasons. First of all let me say, it is the only large chain store in my small community. Shopping at other stores without a 45 min drive is impossible, so we are stuck with it. Now my problem is that I can't make it out of that place under $100.

Today I dropped LaLa off at preschool and headed off to Wally World for 2 items, wipes and a long sleeved dress for LaLa. Somehow I ended up with $138 dollars worth of stuff in my basket. I got 3 pairs of pants for KiKi, 3 pairs of jeans for LaLa, some cute graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts, a pair of pajamas for each of the girls, cherry coke zero, a pair of shoes for LaLa, and wipes (no good dresses were to be found). This happens to me every damn time I go in that place. Now, my kids did need pants so I can justify those. Shirts and PJs not so much.

I am putting a ban on myself from visiting Wal-Mart for at least 2 weeks. My pocketbook will thank me later. My shopping compulsion, well, it and I are going to have issues.


Lola said...

Oh, honey, I hear you! My problem is Target. Same thing. I've written many rants about that evil empire after I come out with a basket full of stuff I never intended to buy.

I've just stopped going, because I lose my mind whenever I'm there. Unfortunately, I have a huge list of items I need, so I'll be there soon.

Anonymous said...

I just give up and only take in cash! :)

steenky bee said...

I always feel like sort of a zombie walking around that place. I place things in my cart that I have no business using or buying. It's amazing when you add up all the receipts from the end of the week to see just how many trips I make. However, that being said, there's a Walmart just 5 minutes from my home. Sometimes if I'm stir crazy and kids are in bed, I'll go and just push a cart up the aisle to wander and get out of the house. How sad is that? It's totally relaxing though.

Captain Dumbass said...

At least you have one. We're so far away from the nearest one we don't bother going.