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Friday, September 5, 2008

This and That

O.K my kickass graduation present is supposed to be here today and I am soooo hyped. I can't wait to start taking some good pictures. I just checked the order tracking and it says "out for delivery" so I know it is coming today. I am so bouncing in my chair with excitement. It's the little things (such as a really nice camera...or chocolate) that make life worth it. ;)

Today was LaLa's 2nd day of 4 year old preschool and when we went to leave there was fog thicker than pea soup outside. Needless to pictures. I am totally going to get some on Monday, promise! She is totally hyped about school this year. Today I asked what she did and she was bouncing off the walls talking about play-doh, singing, and coloring. I had talked to her teacher while I was there and she told me that LaLa raised a fit when she had to trace her name. See LaLa already knows how to spell her name and write it. She does get some letters backwards, but she is 4, and her name has 8 letters in it, so I figure she is doing pretty well. Now she just needs to learn how to write the alphabet in order and we'll be in business.

I got my final grades back yesterday. I got an 86 in Marketing and a 97 in Post 1945 History. Not bad at all Kat, not bad at all. I am patting myself on the back considering I was full of senioritis and didn't want to do ANY work at all. Actually, my Marketing grade would have been a lot higher if I hadn't said "Screw this" and turned in my exam before I had finished the whole thing. But honestly, I had a headache and was not in the mood. I knew I didn't even have to take the exam to pass the class and that is dangerous information in the hands of a non-motivated student.

Oh, "the man" is alright. He has an infection and is on antibiotics and should be back to full strength in a couple of days. Thankfully they did not leave anything up there when they did the colonoscopy as Lola suggested (I got a kick out of that comment). I don't know if we are going to do the Ren Fest as we had planned this weekend, cause I don't know if he can walk around all day. If we don't go this weekend we will go next weekend, which is fine.

Oh, we are also getting tickets to the Metallica concert that is coming to Kansas City in Oct. Kickass! Friend is babysitting, no curfew. Eh, but I have to be the designated driver...booooooo!


steenky bee said...

Okay. So I gasped out loud when you said Metallica Concert. I so love them. I have a little James Hetfield crush. If I had a dime for every Metallica concert I've been to, well, I'd have 20 cents.

P.S. - Glad your husband is alright.

Lola said...

Umm, thanks for the shout, but I didn't make that comment. I remember reading it, though, and laughing out loud.

Metallica? You are so lucky! I'd be thrilled with an 86 or whatever that grade was. Anything in the 80's always made me happy. Good for you. Have a great weekend with the family and that camera! Glad the man is okay.

Kat said...

Lola- Shows me for not double checking. You deserve a shout out anyhoo.

Jen- My husband has been obsessed with Kurt since he started playing guitar about a year ago.

Kevin McKeever said...

A McCain girl loves Metallica? Who is older: John or James?

Kat said...

I am an interesting combo of contradictions.

Anonymous said...

Well, enjoy her excitement at going to school...before you know it, she'll hit middle school and then you'll have to bribe her to go! :)

Congrats on those grades!!

Metallica still around??! lol